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Instagram for business: 5 things to consider

With the various different social media platforms all over, it’s difficult to discern which are appropriate for your business. If you follow our blogs, you know that we always say to be conservative when it comes to which social media…

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Why are you on Social Media?

Last week we completed our Content Calendar series and it really got us thinking about a few things… Things about your business, how you use social media and why? Over the past few weeks we’ve been in the process of…

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Content Calendar Part 4: Strategy

Our Content Calendar series is finally drawing to an end, and we appreciate how you all have responded to the insights we have provided here… In Part 1, we discussed the importance of creating a framework for your content. In Part…

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Content Calendar Part 1: Building a Framework

This series is based on the wonderful teaching found in The Social Media MBA by Christer Holloman If you’ve been following us here or on twitter (@PurelySocialTip), then you would know that we strive to provide you with the most…

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Our Top 3 Visual Content Creation Tools

We all know that a picture is worth a 1000 words, which can be helpful on twitter where your limited to 140 characters. We also know that in the context of social media, and marketing as a whole, content is…

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Awesome Engaging Brand of the Week — @helper

So, we want to start a little something new here. We talk a lot about what business owners and brands should do on social media, (engagement being number one) so we thought it’d only be fitting for us to show…

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Engagement: What’s the Big Deal?!

How and Why to Engage Engage Engage If you ask any knowledgeable social media marketing professional what is on their top 5 list of important factors for success on any social media platform, we guarantee that the word “engagement” will…

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3 Best Practices for Getting Started on LinkedIn

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a LinkedIn account. In fact there is an even better chance that LinkedIn was one of the first social platforms you joined. And if you’re not currently on LinkedIn, you may…

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Effective Automation

(Yes, It’s possible and yes, you’re overthinking it) So a few weeks ago, we had a great conversation about automation with a couple of our friends on Twitter, Phil Glutting and Charlene Kingston. Since we noticed that this is a…

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3 Ways to Optimize your Hootsuite Usage… besides Automation

If you’re a business owner in today’s world, chances are you never feel as though there are enough hours in the day. So the last thing you have time for is wandering down the rabbit hole of social media. You know…

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