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Generating Reports

*For a better view of graphics simply click on the image to enlarge So, one of the best ways to learn something is to see it in action. In Sexy Little Numbers, by  Dimitri Maex, there is a great example of why…

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5 FREE Twitter marketing opportunities you’re missing out on

Believe it or not, Twitter is not all about the tweets. There is so much else that goes on that is equally as important if not more important. In order to capitalize on your Twitter presence to make your account…

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Data Sourcing & Analysis

  We hope that after last week’s intro into this series, you had some time to do some serious thinking about what success looks like for your business. In the previous post, we discussed what you should be measuring from…

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Intro to Measuring Your Social Media Efforts

This series is based on the wonderful teachings found in Sexy Little Numbers by Dimitri Maex This week we wanted to dive deeper into analyzing and measuring your efforts when it comes to utilizing Social Media Marketing for your business. After…

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Instagram for business: 5 things to consider

With the various different social media platforms all over, it’s difficult to discern which are appropriate for your business. If you follow our blogs, you know that we always say to be conservative when it comes to which social media…

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Social Media for Professionals

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and we want to thank everyone who follows us and engages with us! We recently received an email from a follower and thought it only appropriate to reply through a blog…

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Auto DMs Part II: Why do people still use them?

So we went on a mission, as promised in Part I, to find out the reasons behind why people still continue to use Auto DMs  and the findings were very interesting. Let’s put our science hat on and go over…

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Why are you on Social Media?

Last week we completed our Content Calendar series and it really got us thinking about a few things… Things about your business, how you use social media and why? Over the past few weeks we’ve been in the process of…

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Content Calendar Part 4: Strategy

Our Content Calendar series is finally drawing to an end, and we appreciate how you all have responded to the insights we have provided here… In Part 1, we discussed the importance of creating a framework for your content. In Part…

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Content Calendar Part 3: Drafting a Calendar

Finally, let’s discuss the process of drafting a content calendar! If you have not had an opportunity to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Content Calendar Series, we strongly advice you do. So, as we previously mentioned,  a Content Calendar…

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